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Trafficking from a racial justice advocate’s point of view

  By Ejim Dike, As a long-time racial justice advocate, I am often thinking of the intersections between my work and that of related movements. We all know that race, gender, class, and immigration status do not operate in a vacuum, but at times it can be difficult to find ways to incorporate even more [...]

Victims of modern-day slavery are being brought here as human cargo, and destined for the most vile purposes as forced labor and prostitution. Phoenix, Arizona. April 16, 2009 – There was a time when the common assumption about United States-bound immigration was about impoverished people crossing the border searching for work to improve their economic [...]

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PORT-AU-PRINCE – Jan 31, 2010 – Ten Baptist church workers will appear in a Haitian court tomorrow  for attempting to transport illegally 33 Haitian children by bus in an attempt to save children, the workers said.  The US Embassy has confirmed 10 US citizens are being held for “alleged violations of Haitian laws related to [...]

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