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Jared Gardner is professor of English and Film at Ohio State University, where he also directs the Popular Culture Studies program. His most recent book is Projections: Comics and the History of 21st-century Storytelling (2011).

Killing to govern: The race politics of “Ultimate Justice”

  We know the statistics because they are so very proud of them: Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, has overseen more than 230 executions, the most of any governor in modern history (his predecessor, George W. Bush, still holds the record for the executions-per-year with more than 30). For the right wing of the Republican [...]

  In setting out to adapt Push by Sapphire, screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher had a challenge. Push was told in the first-person and in the unique voice of an illiterate protagonist as she struggled to tell her story. Film does not do first-person well or naturally. It is an objectifying medium, one that instead asks us [...]

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  The first nine months of Barack Obama’s presidency have witnessed accomplishments (pulling the economy back from the brink) and disappointments (the broken promises to the gay and lesbian community). If you are of a certain age, you have seen this strange and often dispiriting first-year blend of callousness, courage, and concession before, and it [...]

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