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Resource Wars

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Black raw diamond
Flowing unchecked deep beneath
Middle Eastern lands
Will be the end of us

Addicted to the pleasures
Of easy living, not thinking about the
Price paid in sweat, tears and

Like heroin, crack cocaine
Attracts users laying their souls bare
Before the lure of temporary pleasure
A sure path to death in more ways than one

Guileless souls hungry
Greedily consuming without thinking of costs,
Pollutants searing ever widening gaps in
Ozone up high

We mindlessly like sheep follow blindly
Into resource wars
Listening to cleverly disseminated disinformation
Misinformed about the truth

Political leaders in their thirst for power
The almighty green
Forked tongues alluding to peace

Subliminally speaking in voices
Of illusion and delusion
Bring nothing but disillusion
Deceit and confusion

No voice of reason to bring us home to
To balance back to basics
To centeredness

Only Black diamond raw
Raw Black diamond
Flowing unchecked
The end of us as we know it


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