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Happy anniversary to us | Race-Talk | 740

Happy anniversary to us

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HERE’S A FUN ONE that yanks back the curtain and gives you a glimpse of some “making of” moments. From bulbs blowing to flies buzzing to flubbed or forgotten lines, you can see that things don’t run as smooth as the final cut pretends.

News With Nezua | Happy Anniversary to Us! from nezua on Vimeo.

It’s a good time, also, to let you know that for the time being, LFT’s sponsorship of these videos has come to a gracious close. Perhaps temporarily, perhaps permanently. There is no bad blood between myself and LFT or Alfredo—in fact, it has been a fantastic and rewarding relationship, and this switchup in direction is only due to administrative matters at LFT that I am not at liberty to disclose. But the willingness to continue the relationship remains strong, and perhaps in a few months, they may pick up the show again. Even if not, life brings changes and we learn that the road to our own success lies not in resisting those changes, but in adapting and understanding how our path has moved to different ground because we require it in some way. I will be taking a break from my grinding video production schedule in honor of this change for one week, two weeks at most. When I come back, the next couple videos will be sponsored by another organization, which will be noted at that point. Big love and big thanks to all of you, who provide a reason to keep making thes, who show up and dig my work. The feedback I’ve got on these posts—in the comment threads, as well as privately—has been amazingly rewarding, giving me glimpses into how my videos have concrete effects on other people and in the world. So making these has been a double satisfaction. In one because I have to say what I say (and I get to share it), and in another because that matters to other people sometimes. See you soon! Stay safe, stay strong, stay weird and wild, baby. Peace.


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