/Singapore- the hub of international schools!
Singapore- the hub of international schools!

Singapore- the hub of international schools!

In this 21st century, no parent wants their child to suffer the way they were suffering from their schooling and graduation. Thus, most parents opt for international high schools. It is a well-known fact that Singapore is a hub of international schools. They have the best schools globally. Every year there is a huge competition among students to get admission to these schools. If you type ‘best international schools in Singapore ranking,’ several results would pop up within minutes. These results can be confusing at times. As a solution, here we bring you the same list for your reference.

  • Hillside world academy

Hillside world academy is on the top of the best international schools list in Singapore. It is prominent for the languages offered by them. This school justifies the international school title by promoting multilingualism. The main languages taught by them are English, Korean, Chinese, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, etc. These languages act as the building blocks for the students to interact with the world outside. Apart from this feature, the school is also famous due to the sports and extra-curricular events. Annually, the students of this school are put in competition with other international schools to boost their confidence. If you want your child to do well in academics and co-curricular activities, then go to this school.

international schools in singapore ranking

  • Brighton College Singapore

Brighton school is the best place to enroll your child if you want to excel in academics. The average age range for the students to get admitted is 18 months to 11 years. This school also assists in multiple languages like mandarin, French, etc. There is heavy competition to get admission to this school. The school has a joint partner organization that looks after the day-to-day activities, while the remaining staff looks out for academic excellence. The school’s motto is to develop students’ cognitive ability by not following the traditional teaching method. They want the students to understand all the concepts without heart them.

Apart from these two leading prominent schools, several other schools are famous for their commitment to work, cost-effective fee structure, etc. You have to research well about these schools and then go for the best as it is a matter of your child’s academic life. Enrolling your children in the best school will ensure a bright career of your child.